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I went to school debuting my Crowley today (as it’s world book day)


and I had a fantastic time, freaking everyone out and the like… However, when coming home I encountered a problem.


Right above the front door, with this smug bastard waiting for me:


To clarify, this is my Dad, stealing my wig and cosplaying Aziraphale.

imageI fucking love my family.

"I would love to read fanfiction one day," says @jarpad #TCA14 #SPN

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dean winchester + books

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supernatural + tarot cards

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Why am I awake who summoned me


that is so adorable 

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Neil Gaiman reads.

Neil Gaiman


Neil Gaiman reads.



Neil Gaiman

“Dean Winchester doesn’t break.
But he bruises.
So easily.
He hurts.
So deeply.
And he crumbles.
So slowly.
But so surely.
But he doesn’t break.
He just fades.
And he runs.
From himself.
And he hides.
From the world.
But he doesn’t break.
He just falls.
To pieces.
Without a safety net.
Without wings.
But he doesn’t break.
He just burns.
Turns to ash.
And he drowns.
In his sorrows.
And he fights.
With his heart in his hands.
So delicate.
So beautiful.
So fragile.
So torn.
In cracks.
But Dean Winchester, no Dean Winchester doesn’t break.”


gen by a-anthony


gen by a-anthony

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Like sand through fingers 2by Blakravell

HermitsUnited - “Jaskinia Lwów”


Sytuacja przedstawia się następująco: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Ruby i Daniel gnieżdżą się teraz w chatce myśliwskiej Rufusa. Rufus przebywa w Kalifornii, gdzie próbuje złowić jakiegoś japońskiego demona – nogitsune, o ile Bobby sobie przypomina. Singer uważa, że Rufus porwał się z motyką na słońce, o ile faktycznie jest to nogitsune, i czuje, jak całe ciało wręcz swędzi go, by ruszyć z odsieczą staremu kumplowi. Poza tym ma wrażenie, że się dusi; jakby ktoś ściśle owinął go samoprzylepną folią, taką, w jaką pakuje się kanapki.

Ruby ocieka na przemian jadem, fałszywą uprzejmością i chyba autentycznym smutkiem; Dean wrzucił swój ulubiony bieg samo-poświęcenia, troski i zaprzeczenia; Samowi może i odrobinę lepiej, ale niewiele i, szczerze mówiąc, wygląda na to, że prócz kilkudziesięciu kilogramów zostawił w Klatce piątą klepkę; a Daniel jest abominacją konsumującą przecierane obiadki i antychrystem regularnie wydalającym owe obiadki w jednorazowe pieluchy. W zasadzie nie tylko Danny ale i Sam konsumuje teraz przecierane obiadki, jako, że takimi łatwiej się karmi osoby, które same najeść się nie potrafią. Na szczęście Sam jakimś błogosławionym zrządzeniem opatrzności nie wymaga pieluch, a co najwyżej zapięcia rozporka.

Acha – Singer nie ma już domu. Nie zapominajmy o wisience na tym całym, popapranym torcie.

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Simon Pegg and friend read.


Simon Pegg and friend read.

Anonim napisał(a): a while ago you made a post about how you'd treat dean if he was your patinet. i was wondering, how would you treat sam? :)


I did! You’re right. I had forgotten about that.

I honestly don’t think my approach would be that different. Their issues are pretty similar if you peel back a few layers. Since Sam don’t have any problems with addiction that we know of though my guess is that he would probably seek help for something like depression or anxiety.I am not sure he would use those words though.

I think Sam would intellectualize his problems. He would describe his issues in an emotionally detached way like “I can’t seem to focus. I know it’s because this and this but it interferes with my work and I can’t find a way to fix it” or “I get irrationally angry/upset/frustrated for no apparent reason and it needs to stop”

Sam has the same PTSD issues and the same level of self worth issues as Dean does so I think that would be where a successful therapy would lead in the end. The road there would be quite different though. Dean would be much more openly hostile and aggressive if the emotions started to surface I think. Sam is much more passive aggressive. He would seem to comply while passively try to derail the therapy if things got difficult (which it should if the therapy is any good). If faced with hard “truths” Dean would yell and storm out, Sam would say “Huh. I guess” and then “forget” his next appointment… and maybe the next one after that. He would return once his defences were firmly back in place with plenty of excused and an apology and you’d have to back the therapy up a few steps.

With Dean you’d have to earn trust, with Sam you’d have to earn respect. You’d have to know your craft because he would double check every word you say the second he’s out of the session. He’d try to outsmart you and he’d question everything so a therapy with Sam would probably take longer and be more emotionally exhausting. Dean would test your patience, Sam would test your self confidence.

WIth Sam I think it would be extremely important to be honest and accurate. It would also be very important to, above all else validate his emotions. He seems to think that his feelings are less important than everyone elses and therefor he isn’t paying them enough attention. (As opposed to Dean  who claims to not care about his own feelings but still acts on them every chance he gets. He shouldn’t pay his emotions any more attention, they are getting more than enough, he should find more constructive ways of dealing with and expressing them.)

Because Sam isn’t paying enough attention to his emotions he is in greater danger of developing neurotic behaviour like obsessions, compulsions, eating disorders and so on. He doesn’t act out - he acts in and this is probably what would cause his destruction if he were a real person. If he were to really break we would find him lining random things up in alphabetical order in elaborate patterns across the floor of the bunker while reciting latin spells backwards in an attempt to “bring his mom back so Dean can be happy”.